Featured Products

Chilli L.E. Urban Jungle 
Envy Reaper Bars Red 
Root Industries Honey Core Wheels

Upcoming Events

Memorial Day Ride Day
at Escondido Skate Park
​Memorial Weekend, Escondido Skatepark is going to have an insane Ride Day with The Vault Pro Scooters.
Scootercon SD11
​Two weeks until the SD11 online registration!! Subscibe to the email list at scootercon.com to receive an alert 🚨 when registration goes live! 
3rd Annual San Diego Street Jam
Prepare yourselves! The official date for 3rd annual Scooter Farm Street Jam has been set so mark your calendars!

Why We Ride

Our goal is to help grow the sport of scootering 1 rider at a time.
We will start in our community and have fun while we do it.  
This sport deserves more recognition!​​